Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Colorado ~ Part 3

 Did someone say, "choo choo" - My moto right now is "better late, than never" I'm still in total amazement that I'm sitting on the couch, admiring the Christmas tree while  still trying to post from our trip to Colorado in September. 
While in Colorado, my parents took us to a really cool train museum in Greeley. We all had a great time, but I'm pretty sure my boys, could have stayed the entire day. And still cried when it was time to go.  Here a few of my favorite photo's from the day !!!!

This place was so big, they could run 26 engines at the same time. The display was close to 5200 square feet. It had a active forest fire with fire men putting it out. They had a larger scale Thomas the Train, that made my sweet 2 year old go crazy. 

Even Grandma and Grandpa gave it a thumbs up !!!!!

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Mr. and Mrs. Garvey

Mr. and Mrs. Garvey
Our Wedding Day- October 13, 2007