Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Colorado ~ Part 3

 Did someone say, "choo choo" - My moto right now is "better late, than never" I'm still in total amazement that I'm sitting on the couch, admiring the Christmas tree while  still trying to post from our trip to Colorado in September. 
While in Colorado, my parents took us to a really cool train museum in Greeley. We all had a great time, but I'm pretty sure my boys, could have stayed the entire day. And still cried when it was time to go.  Here a few of my favorite photo's from the day !!!!

This place was so big, they could run 26 engines at the same time. The display was close to 5200 square feet. It had a active forest fire with fire men putting it out. They had a larger scale Thomas the Train, that made my sweet 2 year old go crazy. 

Even Grandma and Grandpa gave it a thumbs up !!!!!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Colorado ~ Part Two !

 Way behind in blogging..... It's been a crazy busy month, and it's literally just slipped away from me.
Here are some great pictures from our trip to the Denver Zoo with my family while we were in Colorado in September.  Since our trip and my last blog, we've had a visit from Grandma Rose, spent a weekend in Corpus Christi, spent many hours on making our Halloween costumes and in general just chasing around our very spirited little Peanut. He's doing so well in school. The other day we were walking through Sam's Club and looking at all the Christmas stuff and he pointed to the Naivety display and said "that's baby Jesus" ... and then he's been learning what I think is the Our Father Prayer at school. and likes to practice holding his hands together with his eyes closed and says " Our father" LOVE IT !!!!

My family, first time at the Zoo together, since I was probably 2 or 3. The weather was perfect, the animals were all out and active, and spending the day with my family. Yep, that was a great day !!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Colorado ~ Part One

 We're going to the chapel and Kimmie Lou's getting married...........  The whole reason for our trip to Colorado last week was for my niece Kimberly's wedding, and some much needed time with Grandma and Grandpa. Beautiful weather, playing football in the back yard, Mom's home cooking, quality family time,a trip to the Zoo with my entire family, couldn't have asked for a better day,an evening catching up with friends I hadn't seen in way too years,  a hubby who actually (almost) had a vacation away from work (mark this one on the calendar), seeing my beautiful niece get married, meeting my great nephew Matthew for the first time. Yep, I would say it was a wonderful trip back home. 
 My date's for the wedding. What a lucky girl I was !!!!
 The Happy Couple, said "I DO"  what a beautiful wedding. Still can't believe little Kimmie Lou is old enough to be get married.  I remember when she was Hunter's age, playing around in my Dad's VW Bug pretending like she was driving it. And now that same car was her get away car at her wedding.Someone please tell me, I'm just dreaming.......cuz if I'm not, that only means one thing.... We're all getting old.. UGH

 I use to be so embarrassed over this car when I was growing up. Now I think it's pretty darn cute and really made a great Get-Away-Car !!!
 Can you believe all that hair........ Such an adorable little guy, pictures just don't do him justice.
 "OH, did you see that Mommy, did they just kiss?"
 Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Thurlow !
 Proud Papa ( my big brother) and the beautiful Bride !
 Let the Party begin...... Watch out John Travolta, here comes Hunter. Didn't know my little dude had it in him. What a great time we had watching him dance and run around.
He was in total Awww of Kim, and kept running up to her wanting to dance. Even broke up the Bride and Groom from a slow dance. Oopps, guess we need to teach him a few manners. Sorry Nick !!!
Best Date ever..... and such a great party !!!!
More photo's from beautiful Colorado coming soon ......

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of School !

The BIG Day ......

words straight out of the mouth of our sweet 2 year old this morning
Well, the big day has finally arrived. One that I've had mixed emotions about for months now. Hunter handled it like a champ. He was most excited about his nap mat, and new lunch box and was loving all the attention we were giving him this morning. He walked right into the building and about half way down the hall, before I think he realized what was happening and became a little clingy. Thank goodness for awesome teachers, who noticed a mother on the fast down hill slide to emotional break down and swooped up Hunter and  totally distracted him so we could slip out without any tears. ( from Hunter that is) Me, on the other hand cried all the way home.  Talk about such a strange morning. Even the dogs were looking at me, like "where is the little dude, it's too quite here?" I have never watched the clock more than I did today, I can tell this is going to take some getting use to.

Look out world, there's a new Preschooler in town !!!!

Hamming it up

 A little morning cuteness
 Outside his school
Having fun with his back pack and lunch box
Big boy walking into school all by himself.
The teacher's report at pick up was good. She said he did really well all day, even laid down on his nap mat and rested for about 20 minutes before he sat up screaming for mommy. She said they were about to call me, because they couldn't get him calmed down and finally he settled down and rocked with her.  The best part of the day was seeing his eyes light up when he saw me outside his class room door.  So proud of our little guy, just hoping Thursday goes as smoothly.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Still Having Fun !!!

 Hard to believe we are winding down from summer and getting ready for fall. If only the temperatures here in Texas reflected the coming Fall season. It's been a busy summer for us. Our trip to Chicago, Greg's travel schedule, Seaworld visits, and play group activities.  We're now gearing up "emotionally and physically" to send our little dude off to "school" in 2 weeks. He will be attending what we call a "Mother's Day Out" program at a local church, 2 days a week from 9-2pm. It's going to be a HUGE change for us. I've been warned by several other mom's who made this transition last year, that it will be harder for me than for Hunter. But we both will be just fine !!!!  I sure hope they are right. When we first registered him back in April, I was really excited about being able to "clean" the house and go grocery shopping without my little helper. As that first day nears, I'm realizing that cleaning and grocery shopping aren't going to be fun without my little helper in tow. My anxiety is already building just thinking about it.......
 With it being so HOT here in Texas, we've had to readjust our schedule. And playing outside early in the morning is the only option. So we fill our afternoons with craft projects, baking and working on our colors, numbers and alphabet. BIG highlights, our little peanut can count to 10 all by himself, knows his colors and is starting to get the first few letters of the alphabet song by himself. His favorite sayings are " I need.".....(a snack, ect), and "I like..." he will go through a list of things he "likes" it's rather cute, and if you ask him " If he likes Shamu?" he will respond with " NO, I LOVE Shamu"  Shamu has become his world the past couple of weeks, everything and anything dealing with Shamu he's all over it... He's even convinced when we head to the coast in October  for a weekend at the beach he is going to catch Shamu while "fishing"  !!!!
 Last weekend we had to drop off Greg in Austin to begin his 2 weeks of traveling. So what's a mother and child to do when left to fend for themselves in Austin?   Go to IKEA of course !!!!!!  We had a great time strolling through the enormous store and wishfully dreaming of a complete home make over.  On our way home, we stopped for lunch, and then hit the waves at Seaworld before watching The Shamu Rocks show for the last time this summer. It was a really long day, but we had such a good time hanging out together !!!!
 It seems my creative side comes out in full force when Greg is out of town, and over flowed onto Hunter's breakfast plate. I'm pretty sure he was a little surprised by the smiling pancake I put in front of him. Although, it took him very little time to eat that smile all gone !!!!
 Another EXTREMELY hot afternoon, and I was all out of crafty idea's to keep us busy. We carried in ALL the cushions from the front room and piled them on the floor, picked a movie, popped some popcorn and got comfy !!!!!  Even though, we barely got through the opening credits of the movie before Hunter was already requesting another movie, it was still a ton of fun, and I'm pretty sure this little tradition will stick around for awhile.
 It's been so fun to watch our little guy grow this summer, but the best part is watching him "learn to play" playing doctor is one of his favorite things to do and his patients are best when they are furry and have 4 legs. 
 A water baby in the works. This little guy LOVES anything and everything to do with water. And he has NO fear. He will run and jump in even if your not there to catch him, he is learning to blow bubbles, put his head in the water for a few seconds and float on his back. Watch out Michael Phelps- Hunter Garvey is coming to get you !!!!!
 Some play group fun ~ we went to Build A Bear and all the kids had a great time !!!!

Cooling off with some water play and Popsicles !!!!!

Mr. and Mrs. Garvey

Mr. and Mrs. Garvey
Our Wedding Day- October 13, 2007